Welcome to the ARSAC Holding web pages.

“Holding d’ ARSAC” uses as its trading name the name ARSAC , which stands as an anagram for :

“Amalgamated Resources Studies and Capital”

Holding d' ARSAC was created in 2011 with a view to bring back together the entrepreneurial spirit, contacts, studies and resources of our two families and our children.

ARSAC family members have invested in a number of companies that are today partially or wholly controlled by  ARSAC.

The details of the companies in which ARSAC participates you will find on this site.

The name ARSAC also refers to the Chateau d’Arsac a vineyard and castle in the village of Arsac, near Bordeaux, which was owned by part of our family until 1986. Revisiting the name ARSAC stands as a symbol for the regrouping of the historical activities, resources and talents within our families.

It also aims to offer a platform for further growth and development of a number of projects, initiated or developped by our children.

Pour la petite histoire :

The Chateau d'Arsac, today owned by Mr Phlippe Raoux, is one of the most innovative winemakers in the entire Bordeaux region and the Owners are great patrons of contemporary Art.
The Chateau and the adjacent Winery, are more than worth a visit !

There is no more link between our Holding and today’s Chateau d’Arsac but we believe we can say we share similar values :

A passion for tradition combined with modernisation, durabilit,creativity and most of all ... the Good Life !

We hope you will enjoy your visit to our site !


Holding d'ARSAC

What we do

ARSAC is a family holding established in 2012 with the aim of combining the talents, resources, studies and capital of a number of the members of our  two families.

Today the core investments of ARSAC consist of it's participation in long established shipbrokers and shipping consultants  Sobelnord nv (est 1969) LSS sa and Sobelnord International (2001) LSS sa of Luxemburg (est 2001) and Junge Marine Insurance Brokrs (est 2010)

ARSAC and family is also the majority investor in the Arena Comet Group of Belgium.

ARSAC is today the second reference shareholder in Finnish Hi-Tech company Genano Oy of Helsinki  - making top end Air Purifiers for industrial, clinical an private use.

ARSAC is the co -founder of Care4c an innovative  IT-Healthcare company providign health services for seagoing and off shore  personel.

ARSAC has recently co-established The Boxy Company a food, media and lifestyle company marketing and promoting the talents and products of Michelin and TV star chefs Stefan, Kristof and Auguste Boxy.



This 12th century castle and vineyard in the Margaux (Bordeaux) area was bought in 1966 by the Van Meirhaeghe family from Ghent.

In 1986 the chateau was sold to the Raoux family and today is one of the best known vineyards (112 ha) and art galleries in the region.

There is documented proof that at the inauguration diner of Abraham Lincoln in 1861 Chateau d’Arsac wine was served.


Mission statement





We aim to provide to provide a platform for ourselves and future genertions to develop the skills, human resources and capital base to ventures that can offer a profitable, socially and enviromentally friendly long term perspective. For this we will use our worldwide contacts in the shipping, financial and industrial world to bring together people and ideas for a beneficial outcome to all parties.


Sports and pre-emptive healthcare is what a number of doctors in our family are very passionate about and we wish to identify further projects in this field.

Care4c is our first venture in the medical field  combining technology, healthcare, marine knowledge and our worldwide contacts.

Arsac is supporting one of our younger but most talented family members, Jef Van Meirhaeghe, in his professional cycling life and we warmly invite you to visit his website www.jefvanmeirhaeghe.com




Another family member, Doctor Stefan Van Meirhaeghe, just finnished his first Marathon des Sables, 280 km of running in the desert and now launched rehydra his own brand of re-hydration drink.



Holding d’Arsac, in line with our stated ambition to invest in the future of our family and our environment, is also very much aware of the challenges facing society and thus ourselves in a ever changing and challeging environment.

We are therefore proud to sponsor a number of charity causes that we believe will help us and others to achieve certain goals.

We believe in initiatives that promote quality education for all, promote social responsibility and look for ecologically friendly solutions..

We also believe that music is the only universal language that can unite people from all over the world and provide enjoyment and comfort to many.

In an effort to raise funds for such causes Arsac,  in a joint venture with Rotary Club Metropool Antwerpen (RCAM), has sponsored in 2012 the first ever “Rock the Cow Festival” with all proceeds going to RCAM designated Charities.

This festival (one of the first of its kind) invites young and older cover bands to come and play a limited number of songs on stage in front of an enthusiastic audience of friends, families, business associates and music lovers.

The audience was dressed up in their  favourite music style creating a unique and fun atmosphere.  For more information we refer to our www.rockthecow.be  website or Facebook and Twitter pages.